Interdisciplinary tumour boards

We give referring doctors the opportunity to present their patients’ cases to our interdisciplinary tumour boards.

For further details regarding appointments, locations and registration options for the tumour boards, please fill out the contact form or call T +41 44 387 96 62.

The tumour board participants include specialists in oncology, surgery, radiotherapy, radiology and pathology. Other medical specialists are also involved depending on the organs affected (e.g. gastroenterologists, respiratory physicians, gynaecologists and urologists).

The following tumour boards are held weekly:

  • General tumour board (discussion of tumours for which there is no separate tumour board, particularly ENT)
  • Gynaecological tumour board (discussion of tumours in the female sexual organs)
  • Haemato-oncological tumour board (discussion of tumours in the blood, bone marrow and lymphocytes)
  • Mamma tumour board (discussion of tumours in the female and male breast and chest area)
  • Neuro-oncological tumour board (discussion of tumours affecting the nervous system, e.g. brain, meninges, spinal cord, cranial nerves and other parts of the central nervous system)
  • Thyroid board (discussion of thyroid diseases including tumours)
  • Uro-oncological tumour board (discussion of tumours in the genitourinary tract)
  • Abdominal tumour board (discussion of tumours affecting the pancreas, intestine, gallbladder, liver, stomach and oesophagus)

Timetable tumour board (in German)

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