The Tumour Centre Hirslanden Zurich is a certified European Cancer Centre that unites a variety of different medical specialists to provide cancer patients with interdisciplinary care. The attending doctor looks after their patients from the time of diagnosis right through to the aftercare.

Cancer is a collective term which encompasses around 150 different malignant organ tumours and diseases of the lymphohaematopoietic system. Cancer has overtaken cardiovascular diseases to become the leading cause of death in Switzerland. However, a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence.

Patient-oriented approach

The Tumour Centre Hirslanden Zurich creates an individual therapy plan for each patient. Experts in oncology-related fields work together to coordinate the therapy plan and care for the patient.

Every type of cancer is different. Every patient is an individual. We create customised treatment plans for our patients in personalised oncology on the basis of molecular testing. Learn more about it.


Personalised treatment

Tumour boards consisting of various medical specialists meet regularly to discuss the individual cases. This interdisciplinary approach means that the expert discussion is expanded to include different specialists depending on the type of cancer and the affected organs. This also applies to types of cancer that are not included in the German Cancer Society’s certification framework.

Certified expertise

The Tumour Centre Hirslanden Zurich was certified as a European Cancer Centre in November 2018 and was successfully recertified in 2021. Read about what this certification means for you.

Tumour Centre Hirslanden Zurich

For administrative questions you can reach us at: +41 44 387 96 62

For appointments of oncology consultations dial: +41 44 387 37 80

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