Our vision and philosophy of care are based on a holistic approach and Jean Watson's theory of human caring.

Our vision

  • We are aware of our responsibilities towards patients, society and our multi-disciplinary team of colleagues.
  • We act on a case-by-case basis in a considerate way and we show initiative.
  • We are committed to ensuring the wellbeing of our patients every day and deliver excellent care outcomes thanks to our professional behaviour.
  • We undergo regular training in the interests of continuing personal and professional development.
  • We encourage and support the study of healthcare science and innovations in nursing, in order to advance the nursing profession.
  • We consciously incorporate relevant findings from healthcare science and innovations in our everyday nursing.

Our mission

  • We identify with the vision and strategies of the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group.
  • We have advanced specialist skills, apply evidence-based techniques and offer personalised, intercultural care.
  • We continuously improve our specialist knowledge. We record further training needs and requirements in a structured way.
  • We encourage the use of innovative nursing techniques and we support projects in healthcare science.
  • We take account of the individual needs and wishes of the patient and incorporate them in our care. We support patient autonomy by advising, supporting and giving guidance on how to look after themselves.

Our philosophy

We are convinced that:

  • Health is a human right, and patients have the right to be involved in, and make decisions about, their own healthcare, whether that means making a complete recovery, maintaining quality of life, or dying with dignity.
  • We, the nursing staff, provide our care in a holistic, empathetic, competent and considerate way, in accordance with ethical principles.
  • Nursing care encompasses maintaining, supporting and restoring physical, mental and spiritual integrity in the context of a concept of good health that is individually defined by the patient.
  • The professional values of our care are based on a shared, interdisciplinary approach, with a view to establishing a patient-centred and family-oriented environment that is conducive to good health.
  • As nurses we stand out for: our qualifications and professional experience as well as our willingness to sustain our continuous personal and professional development.