Cancer treatment usually requires a multidisciplinary team, i.e., medical specialists from various fields. Each breast cancer patient is considered on an individual basis. At the weekly tumour board, each individual case is assessed on an interdisciplinary basis before and after surgery, and a comprehensive treatment recommendation is made. Experts in breast surgery (senology), oncology, radiation oncology (radiation therapy), radiology and pathology as well as breast care nurses take part in this conference.

Tumour board of the Bern Biel Breast Centre


Weekly on Wednesday evening




Beau-Site hospital, meeting room Haus von Rodt and via video conference

Board chair

Dr. Patrizia Sager
Head of the Bern Biel Breast Centre  

Breast Centre Bern Biel - Location Bern
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Breast Centre Bern Biel - Location Biel
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