A multidisciplinary team is involved in each step of the treatment pathway. Lausanne Prostate Centre ensures coordinated care along the entire treatment pathway. We involve the patient in each step of the decision-making process. Patients can ask questions, rethink their choices or ask for time to think things over at any time.


In general, following the measurement of PSA by the attending doctor, the patient consults a urologist. They are given a diagnosis based on various examinations (palpation, imaging, biopsies, etc.).


Once the diagnosis has been confirmed, the urologist submits the patient’s file to a regular tumour board. Doctors specialising in urology, radio-oncology, radiology, pathology and the specialist clinical nurse discuss the situation and develop a treatment strategy together.


The choice of appropriate treatment depends on the stage of the cancer, the patient’s age and general condition, as well as their wishes. The range of treatment options available today is vast. Consultation by the «tumour board» committee of experts gives the patient the security that they are receiving the most appropriate treatment for their situation. The treatment decision requires detailed interviews with the patient and their family. 


Once the patient has received the treatment planned, they are followed up regularly by specialists: measurements of PSA, treatment of any side effects, etc.

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