What is sports medicine ?

Sports medicine is a medical specialty aimed at an extremely large population, including those who are active in their everyday lives, those who take part in amateur or competitive sports, and elite athletes.

It is also relevant to those with a sedentary lifestyle who want to take up (or resume) physical activity. For these people, the aim is to improve their health generally and prevent various chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diseases related to diabetes (the most often cited).

As a result, various different medical specialties (sports medicine, physical medicine and orthopaedic rehabilitation, rheumatology, orthopaedic surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, cardiology, pneumology, endocrinology, etc.) and paramedical specialties (in particular physiotherapy and/or sports osteopathy, prosthetics/orthotics, podiatry, nutrition, psychology, etc.) may be involved in this specialist care.