Protect your most precious possession: your health!

Today, quality of life and well-being are considered to be a priority.

Our check-ups, by respecting the standards of early diagnosis and preventive medicine, fully meet this expectation.

The excellence of our medical services, provided by highly-qualified specialists, ensures that we maintain a targeted approach to your health requirements. We evaluate your needs in order to offer you personal preventive and therapeutic solutions.

Give us 24 or 48 hours of your time and we will take care of you!

Our Check-up programme has been designed to meet your healthcare requirements, providing maximum medical efficiency in a minimum amount of time!

Whether you choose our "Standard check-up" or "Executive check-up" program, you will enjoy the same standard of care and benefit from the expertise of our medical specialists and staff.

Investing a little time today can pay big dividends in terms of your future well-being.

Our medical services are centered on efficiency, quality, safety, rapidity, comfort and the strictest confidentiality.

Our aim si to reassure and advise you whilst treating and, if necessary, monitoring your health

Using their wealth of experience and expertise, our specialists will give you a comprehensive medical check-up comprising:

  • A thorough analysis of your medical history and a detailed clinical examination;
  • A complete analysis of your risk factors, including screening for tumoral, cardiovascular, pulmonary and metabolic diseases, as well as any other potentially preventable pathologies;
  • An assessment of your endurance exercise capacity and counseling in fitness programs;
  • A comprehensive analysis and discussion of the risk factors that your lifestyle may present, with a view to helping mitigate any negative effects on your health;
  • An assessment of any current treatment and immunizations;
  • A detailed, confidential report with our conclusions and suggestions.