General physiotherapy

The Centre offers the following treatments :  

  • Muscular, tendinous and ligamentary pathologies - tears, strains, spasms, tendinopathies, sprains
  • Manipulative therapy
  • Orthopaedics and traumatology: hip replacements, knee replacements, ligamentoplasties, meniscectomies, shoulder replacements, tendon repair, fractures, dislocations, foot surgery
  • Neurosurgery: slipped discs, narrow channels, arthrodesis-fixations
  • Rheumatology: lower back pains, lumbago, cervical pain, back pain, slipped and protruding discs, narrow lumbar channel, osteoarthritis, arthritis, joint pain
  • Physical deconditioning - global and effort
  • Neurological - Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, balance disorders. Depending on the evaluation of the physiotherapist
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Respiratory physiotherapy: prevention, treatment
  • Prevention: muscular testing (force, suppleness), joint testing, functional assessment, posture testing. Development of a personalised programme.
  • Therapeutic taping: Strapping, Physio Tape, K-Tape

In addition to the general physiotherapy :  


Shoulder re-education

Pool rehabilitation

Re-education centre for the pelvic floor 


Pilates - Coaching - Weight loss : health and fitness programme, management of obesity


Back reeducation


Physiotherapy at home




Manual lymphatic drainage - therapeutic, sports or comfort massage