Hirslanden Clinique La Colline works closely with the Fondation La Colline to promote the development of medical research and the passing on of expertise.


The Foundation is non-profit-making and non-political. It reflects the desire on the part of Hirslanden Clinique La Colline to deepen its commitment in two key areas of interest :

  • Medical research

Assisting medical research, publications, and the monitoring and organisation of medical and surgical conferences, with the aim of boosting the development and excellence of different medical and surgical specialities.

  • The passing on of skills, knowledge and training

Helping to pass on medical expertise and knowledge by offering support for training in various specialities, expertise in the field and the organisation of medical and surgical conferences.

The Foundation works closely with Hirslanden Clinique La Colline, which provides the Foundation with the resources it needs to lead, supervise and carry out projects. There is also collaboration with other partners in accordance with specific needs.

The Foundation supports projects and gives donations related to the key areas of interest mentioned above. It is financed by its own funds and revenue, as well as by donations and contributions from third parties. Its annual report provides information about current projects. Its accounts are audited by an external, independent auditor. As a charitable organisation, the Foundation is subject to the oversight of the Swiss Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations, which is part of the Federal Department of the Interior.

Insight into activities and publications related to medical research

Dr Mathieu Assal:

Scientific research plays an essential role in a centre of expertise. It provides a method of analysis that enables the surgeon to be at the cutting-edge of technology and to offer the best treatment options to patients according to their specific needs and based on sound reasoning." Dr M. Assal    

More publications at : http://www.centrepied-cheville.ch/publi-recentes


Dr Alexandre Lädermann:


Insight into activities related to the passing on of expertise and training :

Fondation Morija Clinique La Colline

Photo © Chantal Dervey/Morija

At the suggestion of orthopaedic surgeon Dr Dominique Hügli, Clinique La Colline has donated equipment from its operating unit to the “Centre for the Handicapped of Kaya”. Since then, the hospital has strengthened its cooperation with the Morija organisation in a variety of ways: through financial, material and human support; and through an exhibition of photos started at the hospital in 2016 in partnership with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Western Switzerland in Geneva (HES-SO).  

“The whole team gives an incredible amount of time and energy to Kaya. The patients and their families place enormous trust in us. They often believe we have magical powers and sometimes hope for the impossible. My work can seem like a drop in the ocean.

We try to pass on our knowledge to ensure continuity. It is a lengthy process, with an uncertain outcome, but it is worth the effort.” Dr D. Hügli.

Established in 2005, the Heart for India Foundation is a non-political, non-governmental and non-religious organisation. To help break the cycle of poverty, every day the Foundation helps disadvantaged children from the ages of 3 to 18 years to access education. Alongside this, HFI provides professional training and offers a unique opportunity to young women who have successfully completed their secondary education to obtain a degree and find long-term qualified employment. To achieve this, Heart for India has developed a 360° aid model based around four key areas: Education, Nutrition, Hygiene and Health, and Safety and Security.

Foundation Board

The Foundation Board meets as often as the Foundation’s projects require, but at least once a year. Its members work on an unpaid basis and their activity as members of the Foundation Board is subject to the oversight of the Swiss Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations, part of the Federal Department of the Interior. 

How to make a donation and support the work of the Foundation

You can donate via bank transfer using the address below:

Fondation La Colline pour le soutien et la recherche médicale

6, avenue du Beau-Séjour

1206 Geneva

IBAN: CH32 0024 0240 1865 6501 K