Giving birth is probably one of the most overwhelming experiences in a woman's life. That's why we are by your side from the first contractions until your baby arrives. Klinik Hirslanden Zurich offers you an environment and care tailored to your needs, empathetic and experienced staff and a modern infrastructure.

Do you have regular pain and is it possibly contractions? Give us a call.

Every expectant mother perceives the first contractions differently. Maybe you are not sure if your pain is contractions or perhaps your waters have broken? Should you already be on your way to hospital or can you wait a little longer? Our midwives are available to advise you by phone at any time on the number +41 44 387 35 69.

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Your birth

The birthing process is closely accompanied by your midwife

The midwife monitors the entire birth process and actively gives you support, including when you are uncertain or anxious. The doctor in charge will attend if necessary. Your accompanying person – a doula if you wish – is welcome to be present during the entire delivery. Regardless of whether it is a natural birth or a Caesarean section. Here at Klinik Hirslanden Zurich, we care for you with modern technical equipment and in a calm atmosphere, so you can concentrate fully on yourself and the birth.

Even in the case of a Caesarean section, you can fully rely on us

Different factors during pregnancy influence the decision whether to deliver a baby by Caesarean section – whether planned or unforeseen. This decision may be medically indicated or due to a woman's personal reasons. You can find more information about caesarean sections here.

Well-being and safety for you and your child

At Hirslanden Klinik Zurich, we respond to your wishes and concerns. The safety and well-being of mother and child are our top priority during the birth. In the following, we give you an overview of our modern infrastructure as well as the different methods of pain relief.


Bonding - Mutter mit Baby

The first moments together strengthen trust

The first hours after the delivery are very important for you and your baby. The midwife encourages bonding by placing the naked infant on your chest. Your newborn baby recognises your heartbeat, your odour and your voice. Baby feels warmth and security from skin contact. At Klinik Hirslanden Zurich, we give you enough space to get to know your newborn, build up trust and grow into the new situation in a calm and protected atmosphere.

Modern infrastructure

Modern equipment in the birthing rooms

Klinik Hirslanden has three modern and well-equipped delivery rooms. In addition to a bed that allows for delivery in different positions, we offer mothers-to-be various aids such as beanbags, gymnastic balls, birthing stools, cloths and mats. This allows you to move about, stimulate the birth process and assume your best position during labour.

All delivery rooms also have a bathtub for a water birth. The warmth of the water can help you relax during birth because it makes movement easier. In addition, with a water birth, fewer painkillers need to be used and episiotomies have to be performed less frequently.

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Administration of pain relief

Alternative or medical pain relief – we support you with the methods that are right for you

Every expectant mother experiences the birth of her baby and the associated labour pains differently. Some women are able to give birth without painkillers. However, many who give birth are happy to receive alternative or medical pain relief. This allows you to relax between contractions, which is helpful and conducive for the subsequent birth process. Here at Klinik Hirslanden, we adapt the type of pain relief to your needs and are on hand for you – whether without any pain relief or with alternative or medical pain relief. If you have any questions about relieving the pain of birth, you can contact us at any time on+41 44 387 22 99.

Alternative pain relief – naturopathic methods help you relax
We offer various alternative pain therapies for your birth. Our midwives support you with relaxing massages, soothing wraps, aromatherapies, homeopathy and acupuncture, or will draw you a relaxing bath.

Medical pain relief – from PDA to self-directed pain relief
There are also various options available to you in the area of medical pain relief. Our range includes antispasmodic medication (spasmolytics and analgesics), epidural anaesthesia (PDA), i.e. an injection into the spine by an anaesthetist, or self-controlled pain relief (PCA), an infusion you can administer yourself in doses during the birth.

Neonatal care

Neonatologische Betreuung

Our on-duty and on-call paediatricians

Here at Klinik Hirslanden Zurich, we offer excellent care for you and your newborn. The paediatric practice is located in the building and a paediatrician is on call 24 hours a day. Our infrastructure, set up for neonatal monitoring, guarantees maximum safety for mother and child. You can find more information about neonatal care here.

Doula – a complementary accompaniment to birth

Continuous presence in the room – a win-win for all involved

Doula, loosely translated from the ancient Greek, means "servant of the woman". She is also called a "birth witness" or simply a "birth companion". An ancient culture that has been practised for thousands of years.

The doula does not perform any medical tasks. She is exclusively concerned with the well-being of the woman giving birth, her partner and their needs. Together with the midwife, she provides physical and practical support, emotional care and encourages the woman giving birth to surrender to the birth process with confidence. The doula encourages the expectant father in his role as a birth companion, she gives space and is respectful to the parents as well as the birth team as she assists.

Doulas are welcome in our maternity unit.

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