Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men. The Swiss Cancer League records over 6'000 new cases every year. Prostate cancer (prostate carcinoma) is often described as a typical age-related disease. Almost all patients are over 50 years old at the time of diagnosis and 47% are over 70 years old.

Men diagnosed prostate cancer often find themselves in a difficult, unfamiliar and stressful situation. At Klinik Hirslanden’s Prostate Cancer Centre, our patients receive personalised care from experienced specialists.

The diagnosis, therapy and aftercare must be coordinated by a wide range of cancer specialists. These medical professionals come from a variety of specialist areas (e.g. urology, radiology, pathology, oncology, radiotherapy) and have extensive expertise in the treatment of prostate cancer. They work together to plan each patient’s therapy, so our patients benefit from a high degree of accumulated expertise and experience.

The Prostate Cancer Centre hosts regular interdisciplinary tumour boards where specialists can pool their knowledge and expertise. The doctors who meet on these boards discuss each patient’s treatment plan and the anticipated success of the treatment. The Prostate Cancer Centre is part of the Tumour Centre Hirslanden Zurich.

Various procedures are available for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer and they are selected according to the needs of the patient. Aftercare for prostate cancer patients consists mainly of regular check-ups.