Pregnancy is an exciting time. The nine intensive months are filled with a mixture of great anticipation but also uncertainties and fears. At Salem-Spital, we place great importance on personalised care and this begins even before the birth: with our antenatal classes and other offers and consultations, we prepare expectant parents for the birth of their baby.

Modern equipment in the birthing rooms including a pool for a water birth

Salem-Spital has four delivery rooms that are equipped with cutting-edge equipment. In addition to a bed that allows women to give birth in different positions, we offer various aids such as beanbags, gymnastic balls, birth stools, cloths and mats. This allows the women to move, stimulate the birth process and position themselves optimally during labour. Three of the four birthing rooms also have a pool for a possible water birth. Thewarmth of the water can help them to relax during childbirth . In addition, a water birth often requires fewer painkillers and perineal incisions. Finally, a water birth can lessen the birth stress for the child.

Overview of our offers

At Salem-Spital, we prepare parents-to-be for the birth of their baby with various courses and therapies. The following offers are available to you.

Information evening

Visit our information evening and get answers to all your questions

"Who will take care of us and our baby during the birth? Will we be comfortable? Will we be in safe hands?" These questions are key for parents-to-be when choosing a hospital. At regular information evenings, we report on our family-oriented maternity unit and the comprehensive range of services at Salem-Spital. You will get to know some of our team personally and get answers to all your questions. Together we will visit the maternity unit and the postnatal ward so that you can experience the calm, pleasant atmosphere in our hospital yourself.

More information and impressions of our maternity unit are available in our film.

Antenatal courses

Our courses help to prepare you physically and mentally for childbirth

Our antenatal classes help you to prepare physically and mentally for childbirth and to reduce any concerns and fears. Our midwife in charge of the course will also inform you and your partner about aspects of pregnancy and the time after the birth of your baby that are worth knowing. We recommend that you attend antenatal classes from the 26th week of pregnancy.

Acupuncture therapy

Using fine needles to combat pregnancy discomfort

Various studies have proven that acupuncture therapy has a holistic effect on various pregnancy complaints and the duration of childbirth. Our midwives at Salem-Spital have also experienced this first-hand, which is why they recommend that pregnant women register for acupuncture therapy. In addition, we offer moxibustion treatment at Salem-Spital, which can make it easier to turn children from the breech presentation. We are happy to support you with acupuncture during pregnancy and birth as well as in the postnatal period.

Anaesthesia consultation

We tell you about our pain relief medication

Childbirth is an intense experience and the pain associated with it is felt differently by every woman. At Salem-Spital, we offer you different types of alternative and medical pain relief.

Our midwives and doctors will be happy to discuss the various options with you before the birth.

The anaesthesia consultation is conducted by telephone, Monday to Friday, from 10.00–12.00 and from 14.00–16.00. Please do not hesitate to call us on 0848 84 84 11 to make an appointment.