At Salem Hospital, a well-coordinated team of doctors, midwives, nurses and breastfeeding counsellors awaits you. Our focus is on providing expert, personalised support before, during and after the birth. Our relationship is one of collaboration based on trust – with a clear division of labour and proven processes to ensure the maximum safety of our patients and babies. We do our utmost to ensure that you receive the best possible care and feel completely at ease


Midwives and nurses

Our team in the maternity room and postpartum ward consists of over 50 midwives and registered nurses, breastfeeding counsellors and health care professionals.

The following midwives and registered nurses have a licence to practise issued by the Health Department of the Canton of Bern and offer outpatient postnatal care in addition to their work at Salem Hospital. 

You can find further addresses for outpatient postpartum care at or