In the first hours after they give birth, many mothers and parents are overwhelmed. Suddenly the pregnancy is over, her baby is here and the long wait is over. There are many emotions to work through – ranging from joy and pride, to feeling completely overwhelmed and insecure. Our midwives and nurses are pleased to assist you if needed, but they will also give you space as well.

During the first two to three hours after you give birth, you and your newborn will be cared for and monitored by your midwife in the birthing room. This bonding period helps to build the emotional relationship between the parents and the newborn. The naked baby is placed on the breast of the mother or father. When bonding, the baby can smell the parents' skin, hear their heartbeat and feel their warmth. This builds trust and allows you to get to know your child in a calm atmosphere. 

Our postnatal offer

Salem-Spital is renowned for its first-class care, modern infrastructure and wide range of offers. You benefit from an experienced team of doctors, midwives and nurses. Below you will find an overview of our different offers.

Transfer to the maternity unit

Your home for the next three to four days

Two to three hours after the birth, you will be taken to your room in the maternity unit, where you will spend the next three to four days. During this time, our midwives and nurses will teach you how to care for your newborn on a step by step basis . We will change and wash the baby together. Personal and individualised care is a priority at Salem-Spital and you can count on us completely during the postnatal period.

Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding

We will assist you with both

The baby is usually attached to the mother's breast shortly after birth. Sucking on the nipple stimulates the production of breast milk. If the newborn does not manage to drink from the breast straight away, it does not matter at all. We will help you to try again. An alternative to breastfeeding can be pumping breast milk to stimulate milk production. However, if you cannot or do not want to breastfeed your child, that is absolutely fine, too. The baby will do just as well and we will assist you with all aspects of bottle-feeding.

A range of care services and courses

Settling in at home

We offer various courses and counselling services while you are settling in at home with your baby. For more information and contact details, please refer to the respective menu items. We look forward to hearing from you!

Outpatient postnatal care

Some of our midwives offer outpatient postnatal care on a freelance basis. They will visit you and your baby at home and support you in various matters. Postnatal care includes blood sampling and weight control of the newborn, monitoring of umbilical cord healing and uterine involution. The midwife also takes care of wound healing after a caesarean section, an episiotomy or minor injuries caused by the birth.

For a current list of our freelance midwives, please refer to your information folder or ask us for one. 

Here you can find more information about our range of services: