The Clinique Bois-Cerf and the Clinique Cecil are part of the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group. They regularly recruit new qualified members of staff. We look forward to receiving your application!

Médecin et infirmiers autour d'un ordinateur

Fairness, transparency, accountability, responsibility, customer focus, team work and efficiency are the key values of our work ethic. These values enable us to maintain a pleasant work environment and meet the needs of our patients.

The quality of our services depends on the professionalism of our 900 members of staff and 728 affiliated doctors. We do everything we can to promote their professional development within our hospitals and offer numerous benefits to our employees.

Attractive work environment

We balance our work and private lives

Through personalised working hours and conditions we enable both working mothers and fathers to combine their work lives with their family duties. Half of our hospitals have a crèche with reasonable rates and flexible hours.

Health - and our staff - our main priority

We are mindful of the wellbeing of our staff and offer all sorts of services so that our employees can maintain, or even improve, their physical and mental health. We also offer preventive services such as vaccination campaigns, health seminars, classes on nutrition, balanced meals in the work restaurants, etc. so that staff can look after themselves and eat well.

Our benefits

As far as benefits go, staff at the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group are rather spoiled. The restaurants in our hospitals serve top-quality meals at extremely reasonable prices. Tea, coffee and mineral water are provided free of charge. And on top of everything, reductions are offered on various purchases, events and services.

Our salary policy

Our salaries are aligned with those of the local employment market, but we also offer attractive social benefits and bonuses. We therefore carry out regular studies of market salaries and recruitment conditions. 

Employment conditions


Our employees under the age of 59 years are entitled to 5 weeks (25 days) paid leave; those over 60 are entitled to 6 weeks (30 days).

"Free Time Plus" employment model

Where operating conditions allow, we offer a "Free Time Plus" employment model.

  • Option 1: Salary reduction of 2.2% = 5 additional days' leave
  • Option 2: Salary reduction of 4.4% = 10 additional days' leave

Long-service bonus

Hirslanden wishes to recognise its most effective staff and therefore rewards their loyalty with long-service bonuses. Between their second and their ninth year of service, our staff receive two loyalty days (additional days of paid leave). Between their 10th and their 14th year of service, they are entitled to three loyalty days a year, and from their 15th year they receive four days.

Health insurance

As members of the collective health insurance scheme offered by our contractual partner, staff and their families have access to preferential conditions. Hirslanden offers special staff rates for private or semi-private treatment in the event of accident or illness.

Pension fund

At Hirslanden, the benefits and the pension contributions paid by the employer exceed the legal obligations. Hospital insurance holders who have opted for the benefits and contributions plan 1 have a choice of two pension plans and can adapt their occupational pension premiums according to their current personal needs.

Insurance and subsistence allowances in the event of illness and accident

All staff are insured by Hirslanden for illness and accident. To avoid any loss of salary, an income is guaranteed for a maximum of 730 days.

Maternity leave

Hirslanden offer all female employees paid maternity leave for a total of 16 weeks (80% of gross salary in the first year of employment and 100% after the second year).