Our medical staff at the Clinique Cecil are wholly focused on the patient. Your health and wellbeing are their priority throughout your stay or your treatment.

Infirmières au chevet d'un patient

At the Clinique Cecil, our nursing staff base their work around five key elements :

Personal approach
We treat all our patients with the greatest respect and support them according to their individual needs. We place the human being at the centre of our concerns, while taking into account the expectations and needs of all our patients.

Our care meets the highest quality standards. We attach great importance to exchanging information across disciplines and to providing transparency to all those involved. On the basis of high internal and external standards, nursing staff comply with healthcare directives and regularly check their work. Our nursing staff form an interdisciplinary team of partners who take an open and forward-looking approach. They are motivated every day by an enthusiasm for their job and by communicating on a human level.

We have deep respect for the individuality of all our patients and are mindful to preserve it. By keeping an open attitude, we aim to establish a relationship of trust so as to foster a feeling of security within a comfortable environment. We engage in dialogue with our patients and answer their medical questions in the best way we can so that they feel as comfortable as possible.

A forward-looking approach
Our nursing staff are highly qualified. As a training organisation, we offer our staff a wide range of ongoing and in-service training programmes. This training contributes to the quality of care and the high performance level.

Permanent monitoring
Our medical staff can reach an anaesthetist and your doctor (or a deputy) at all times. Our recovery room, intensive care and anaesthesia staff are also operational 24 hours a day.