The Clinique Bois-Cerf and the Clinique Cecil are proud to be training organisations. We encourage and support the training of our staff and the ongoing development of their skills.

Des employés en salle de réunion

Continuing education

Every year, we offer our staff a wide choice of continuing education programmes. We give them access to a variety of courses such as IT, project management and personal development to help develop their skills and promote their wellbeing at work.

Where requested, we are happy to support our staff if they wish to pursue continuing education courses through external academic organisations.

Professional training

Our hospitals gladly welcome students and apprentices who are undergoing professional or employment training. We offer training and work experience places in various areas of healthcare, in particular in anaesthesia, intensive care and the operating unit.

We are also delighted to welcome apprentices training for jobs in business, logistics, care and community health assistance, and catering.