The Orthopaedic Surgery Centre has a state-of-the-art medical infrastructure.

The hospitals offer doctors the full range of technical facilities so as to ensure the best possible medical care for patients. 


O-Arm is a 3D medical imaging system that is used, in particular, during orthopaedic and back surgery. This equipment allows frontal, profile and oblique images to be taken. As with CT scans, images in axial slices are also possible. Thanks to a navigation system, it enables the position of the surgical tools that the surgeon uses during the procedure to be defined spatially.

This system is available in the surgical suite at Clinique La Colline.

ROSA® robot

This new robotic technology offers the surgeon reliable and precise assistance during surgery. The use of this robot allows the patient to benefit from innovative care, particularly during a total knee replacement. 

This system is available in the surgical suite at Clinique La Colline.

Next Star (augmented reality)

The technology developed by the Swiss company Medacta is a control system that uses augmented reality. NextAR™ is used to fit knee and shoulder prostheses.

Although the choice of surgical approach performed by the surgeon and rehabilitation remain fundamental to the patient's successful recovery, this new approach enables the surgeon to combine their treatments with the latest technological advancements in order to provide optimal care.

This system is available in operating suites at Clinique La Colline and Clinique des Grangettes.