Clinique La Colline and Clinique des Grangettes offer high-level medical know-how, state-of-the-art technology and an exceptional hotel infrastructure.

For any further information regarding our check-up offer, please do not hesitate to contact Hirslanden International Geneva.

We guarantee you a fast and direct care with our team of doctors and surgeons specialists. 

Together with Hirslanden International, the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group has a specialist team that exclusively caters for international patients.

This team is your first point of contact and direct contact for all your administrative questions before, during and after surgery.

In consultation with you and your doctor, she takes care of the organization of your stay.

For international patients

The offer of Hirslanden International Geneva is aimed at:

  • patients with international insurance domiciled abroad or in Switzerland
  • patients domiciled abroad who are being treated at their own expense
  • patients domiciled abroad whose treatment costs are covered by a company, organization or embassy

Our offers in Geneva

Hirslanden International Geneva offers you a complete and personalized assessment of your state of health, which takes place according to the following steps: 

1. Identification of your needs and expectations

  • Organization of an initial programme based on information received 

2. In-depth medical assessments

  • Comprehensive health questionnaire to complete
  • Evaluation by an internist
  • Adaptation of the check-up to the medical situation
  • Preparing an estimate
  • Examinations by the various specialists

3. Conclusions and recommendations

  • Preparation of a final report for the patient by the coordinating doctor

The basic services offered include a check-up panel, individualized medical follow-up and consideration of time and confidentiality constraints.

Why a check-up?

  • Prevention rather than cure. Prevention is the best solution to prevent a problem from occurring and thus avoid having to treat it.  
  • Reassure yourself. We can never guarantee that nothing can happen but carrying out a check-up allows you to be in the best conditions so that nothing happens.

You benefit from the expertise of the Clinic's network of doctors and specialists in more than thirty medical and surgical specialties. Collaboration with our Competence Centers that offer you fast and optimal interdisciplinary care.

Hirslanden International Clinique La Colline

Nathalie Roduit
International Patient Coordinator

Hirslanden International Clinique des Grangettes

Laurence Witzig
International Patient Coordinator