Perioperative Services

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
The ICU at Klinik Beau-Site has 12 recognised beds.
The ICU is tasked with monitoring patients after surgical procedures and treating and nursing seriously ill patients who require the support of technical devices.
A specially trained team of doctors and nurses is responsible for caring for these patients.

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Intermediate Care (IMC)
The staff on the Intermediate Care (IMC) ward treat and care for seriously ill patients and those who have undergone an operation. Patients usually come from ICU to the IMC before we transfer them to the normal ward.

IMC patients are treated and cared for by specially trained doctors and nursing staff, and monitored with the support of up-to-date technical devices around the clock.

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The CardUnit monitors patients who have undergone procedures in the cardiac catheter lab. A team of specially trained nursing staff and cardiologists is available to care for these patients around the clock.