Emergencies occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Emergencies come at inopportune moments and require timely, correct action. What can you do when something happens?

Keep calm. Gain an overview and act decisively.

In urgent cases, ring 144; highly qualified specialists are available to help you around the clock. While you are calling, stick to this reporting procedure.

Here are some tips on how to react in emergency situations. These tips can be treated as guidelines for situations in which you come across a person in distress. However, they should not be viewed as a substitute for a course in life-saving first aid.

Emergency Numbers

  • Medical Emergency: Tel. 144
  • Rega: Tel. 1414
  • Police: Tel. 117
  • Firefighter: Tel. 118
  • Toxicological Institute: Tel. 145

Life-threatening emergencies: dial emergency number 144 immediately!