The specialists of our Centers provide patients with multidisciplinary and personalized care, from the first consultation to the post-operative rehabilitation follow-up of the shoulder and elbow.

The Shoulder Center takes care of the different types of shoulder and elbow pathologies: 

  • Traumatic pathologies : fracture, dislocation, etc.
  • Degenerative pathologies : rotator cuff rupture, calcifications, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis etc.
  • Sports pathologies : instability, acromioclavicular disjunction etc.

Modern therapeutic methods allow the management of these different pathologies through arthroscopy (shoulder surgery with a camera) or microsurgery.

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The shoulder

A key articulation of mobility

A loss of shoulder mobility can be painful and affect the simplest everyday gestures. Many pathologies can be treated with conservative treatment or rehabilitation, others require surgery.

Thanks to the most recent technical developments, these are less and less invasive. Specialists perform many arthroscopic operations , such as tendon or ligament sutures, or the remodeling of damaged cartilage. In case of osteoarthritis or irreparable rupture of tendons, the installation of shoulder prosthesis is also considered.

When surgery is correctly indicated, it brings a clear benefit on pain and joint function at the end of a well-conducted rehabilitation.

The elbow

An accident-sensitive joint

Elbow conditions are less common than those of the hand or shoulder. The majority of cases benefit from conservative treatment (medications, splints and physiotherapy). However, if they are not treated well, they can leave significant sequelae. The pathologies are most often traumatic (fracture, tendon or ligament tear). The most common degenerative pathologies are epicondylitis (tennis-elbow), nerve compressions (ulnar), and osteoarthritis.

Surgery is sometimes needed to fix displaced fractures, or repair tendon or ligament ruptures.  Surgery can also be arthroscopic (epicondylitis cure, removal of joint free bodies, release of stiffness) or open (extensive release for severe stiffness, decompression of nerves, total elbow prosthesis for osteoarthritis)

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Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Centre
Villa Fleurie
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1206 Geneva

PD Dr. Cunningham : +41 22 702 25 81 / Website
Dr. Tartarat-Chapter : +41 22 702 25 81

Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Centre
Chemin des Grangettes 7
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Dr. Reiland : +41 22 545 80 78 / Website
Prof. Hoffmeyer : +41 22 305 01 50