The doctor will see you at their practice, located in the Centre for Sports Medicine and Exercise at Clinique La Colline.

In order to ensure the best possible care, the consultation will take place in several stages:

Medical history: first of all, the doctor will ask you to describe the history of your condition, the circumstances and any previous treatments. This discussion will enable the surgeon to fully understand your symptoms, your expectations and what outcome you are hoping for in order to offer the best solution for your situation.

Clinical examination: the surgeon will then examine you to test your knee and identify any looseness in the ligaments or pain triggered by certain movements. These tests will enable the doctor to form a clinical diagnosis, which may be confirmed by additional radiological examinations.

Additional examinations: Examinations prescribed for knee conditions:

  • Standard X-ray
  • MRI/CT scan
  • Ultrasound

All of these examinations can be performed at Clinique La Colline by our specialist radiologists in the Radiology Centre.

Diagnosis: once the doctor has obtained your history, the clinical information and the results of the radiological examinations, they will be able to determine your diagnosis and prescribe the most appropriate treatment for your condition.