Here you will find a series of 5 lessons to be carried out remotely in the post-traumatic or postoperative phase.

In these videos, Maeva Fages, yoga teacher, under the aegis of Prof. Jacques Menetrey, surgeon at the Centre for Sports Medicine and Exercise (CSME), offers you 5 videos to learn about the 5 cycles of recovery in relation to the 5 elements. 

"The Five Elements are not constituents of nature, but five fundamental processes, five characteristics, five phases of one cycle or five potentialities for change inherent in any phenomenon."

Lesson 1 - Acceptance (water)

The Water Movement represents passivity, the latent state of what awaits a new cycle, gestation, the peak of Yin, while Yang hides and prepares the return of the next cycle. A time of acceptance of what is there, including an injury that has been experienced.

Lesson 2 - Trusting oneself to heal (wood)

The Wood Movement represents the force of activation and growth that asserts itself at the start of a cycle, it corresponds to the birth of Yang; Wood is an active and voluntary force like the powerful and primitive force of plant life that germinates, grows, emerges from the ground and rises towards the light. We are ready to start again and to grow and recover from this injury.

Lesson 3 - Living to the full (fire)

The Fire Movement represents the maximum transformative and animating force of Yang at its peak.

Lesson 4 - Feeling at home in your own body (earth)

The Earth Movement represents support, the fertile environment that receives warmth and rain: Fire and Water. Earth is both Yin and Yang as it receives and it produces. Earth makes it possible to sow, grow and harvest. Find your Earth in yourself no matter what happens.

Lesson 5 - Transforming (metal)

The Metal Movement represents condensation, taking a durable form by cooling, drying and hardening, which is present when Yang decreases towards the end of its cycle. It is the element of maturation, but also the stage that precedes any change towards a new cycle that is being prepared, based on the principle that nothing is linear and that we can experience the same five elements in the same day.