The back bone supports most of the weight of the body and is used for almost all daily movements, between 1500 and 2000 times a day. No wonder the back is tired and worn out after a certain age.

The spine, also called the spine, supports the head and back and consists of a stack of articulated bones, called vertebrae. These vertebrae have a different name depending on their location: 

- the cervical vertebrae (from C1 to C7) at the neck,
- the thoracic vertebrae (T1 to T12), at the level of the thorax,
- the lumbar vertebrae (L1 to L5) at the level of the lower back
- the sacral vertebrae (S1 to S5) at the level of the pelvis, under the pelvis.
- The vertebra spine ends with a final vertebra, called the coccyx.

Due to natural aging, the water content of the intervertebral discs decreases. As a result, the discs lose their elasticity, and the vertebrae collapse more and more. This increased pressure between the vertebrae can cause irritation and pain.

Inside the spine and along its entire length, the spinal cord (or spinal cord) is sheltered there. Its main function is to transmit nerve messages between the brain and the rest of the body. The spinal cord has three circuits: the descending circuit that relays motor information to the muscles, the ascending circuit that carries sensory information to the brain and a third circuit that coordinates certain reflexes.

From the age of 20, the intervertebral discs wear out over the years, this is called the phenomenon of degeneration related to aging.  

Dr. Dinichert and Dr. Jenny
Dr. Dinichert
Spine - cervical and lumbar

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