The brain is the control center of the human body. It is segmented into several interconnected parts, each with a particular function making the nervous system as well as the understanding of its disease particularly complex.

Certain cranial or cerebral pathologies require, following their diagnosis, surgical management. Our neurosurgeons from the cranio-cerebral pole at the Clinique des Grangettes ensure, using the most modern equipment and in collaboration with radiology, anesthesia and intensive care, the operative care of patients. In the context of tumor pathologies, oncological and radio-oncological follow-up are also ensured.

Team of the neurosurgery department at Les Grangettes
X-ray - brain
Dr. Andrea Bartoli with state-of-the-art equipment in neurosurgery

Anatomy of the central nervous system

The brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system

The brain is the set of several parts : 

  • The brain : Divided into two hemispheres each formed by several lobes, it manages, among other things, the control of so-called voluntary and involuntary behaviors, thinking, language, planning, movements, cognitive apects, sensory processes as well as the processing of visual and auditory information.
  • The brainstem: It is the heart of the brain through which all nerve connections between the different parts of the central nervous system pass. The cranial nerves enter it, giving it a role in vision, hearing or balance. In addition, it manages the basic functions of the human body, such as controlling breathing and heart rate.
  • The cerebellum: Itself composed of two hemispheres, it ensures the planning, control and correction of movements playing a key role in coordination.

Spinal cord

It connects the brain to target organs through the peripheral nervous system, so it is an important communication relay.

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Neurosurgery Center - Les Grangettes

Dr Bartoli +41 22 575 56 21
Dr Saban +41 22 575 56 22
Dr Sarrafzadeh +41 22 305 01 94

Chemin des Grangettes 7
1224 Chêne-Bougeries

Neurosurgery Centre - La Colline

Dr Jenny +41 22 347 67 40

Avenue de la Roseraie 76B
1205 Geneva

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