Following an interview with the fitness trainer, Jonas Darbellay, in collaboration with the doctors, he will recommend the most suitable test for you based on your requirements and/or those of the sport that you practice or wish to resume.

An exercise test is used to assess an athlete's endurance capacity. This diagnosis is intended for amateur sportspeople, elite athletes or recovering athletes who want to know their aerobic level.

Carrying out an exercise test also allows:

  • zones of individual intensity to be established 
  • training to be optimised by working in a qualitative and coherent way
  • strengths and weaknesses to be assessed, and participants to prepare for a specific sporting event, e.g, a climbing race does not require the same preparation as a marathon
  • fine-tune training to prevent injuries

At the CSME (Centre for Sports Medicine and Exercise), we offer exercise tests using specific technological tools for running and cycling.

Why carry out an exercise test?

  • Understanding yourself (endurance level, improvement factors)
  • Monitoring, validation of the progress achieved and definition of new intensity zones
  • Ideal preparation for a sporting event
  • Returning to sport after a prolonged break

Conducting of the test

Each test begins with a warm-up of a few minutes at a moderate pace. The test consists of a series of gradually increasing resistance levels with the aim of reaching a maximum intensity that marks the end of the exercise.

Duration of the physical test: around 20 minutes.

At the end of the test, an interview with our fitness trainer will enable you to interpret the results and the training advice you will be given to improve your sports performance.


Parameters evaluated during the tests

  • Maximal aerobic speed (MAS in km/h) for the treadmill test
  • Maximum aerobic power (MAP in watts) and the weight/power ratio (in watt/kg) for the exercise bike test
  • Heart rate
  • Blood lactate level
  • Gas exchange (VO2max)

Services and fees

The laboratory tests involve an evaluation of body composition using impedance testing and a running or cycling endurance test:

  • Body composition, lactate test and training advice: CHF 250
  • Body composition, gas exchange test (VO2max) and training advice: CHF 250
  • Body composition, lactate + gas exchange test (VO2max) and training advice: CHF 280
  • Measurement of body composition using impedance testing: CHF 40

Training programmes and coaching

Following your exercise test, you have the option to receive coaching from our fitness trainer. A training plan on paper or online monitoring on a training platform are services that can be tailored to your needs. Sports coaching will enable you to make the most of your training, work in a specific, individual manner and continuously improve your endurance.