Whether you are an amateur, professional or in the rehabilitation phase, Jonas Darbellay, physical trainer at the Center, offers you a diagnosis of your physical abilities in order to optimize your performance.

Amateur or professional sportsman? 

Amateur or professional, every athlete, whether he wants to finish preparing for a sports competition or be an Olympic champion, must be able to enjoy a physical preparation adapted to his abilities and the sport he practices.

Each sport requires its own physical abilities. Drawing on existing knowledge in Sport Science and through an individualized diagnosis, Jonas will set up a training program adapted to your abilities, the requirements of your sport and your goals.   

In the rehabilitation phase?

Teenager or adult, returning from an injury or in the rehabilitation phase, whether you want to regain all your abilities or prevent a new injury, the physical trainer will establish an individualized program adapted to your injury, in collaboration with sports physicians and physiotherapists,    

The goal: to help you fully regain your means for a return to sport as quickly and safely as possible.  

Physical trainer

Portrait of Jonas Darbellay

Jonas Darbellay

Physiologiste de l’effort et préparateur physique

Master en entraînement et performance, UNIL