The fitness trainer will initially recommend carrying out an assessment of your physical capacities in order to put a personalised training plan in place.

Our sports trainer will direct you to the appropriate diagnostic tests after having identified your needs. Understanding who you are and what your expectations are is essential when establishing a diagnosis and optimising the results

Amateur sportspeople

You are an amateur sportsperson of any level and you regularly take part in physical activity.

Performance analysis services:

  • The same services as for elite athletes 
  • Beginner’s exercise test (heart rate + maximal aerobic speed (MAS)

We recommend the Basic or Monitoring Package.

Elite athletes

You are an elite, professional athlete and practise sport at a high level. You take part in national or international competitions.

Performance analysis services:

  • Exercise test (gas exchange (VO2max) + lactate analysis)
  • Exercise test (gas exchange (VO2max) analysis)
  • Exercise test (lactate analysis)
  • Isokinetic test (upper and lower limbs)
  • Muscle relaxation test (force platform)
  • Measurement of body composition (bioelectrical impedance analysis/skinfold test)
  • Customised programmes for any other services (tests for clubs, field tests, etc.)

We recommend the Premium Package.

Athlete coming back after injury

You are an athlete coming back from an injury or undergoing rehabilitation or you want to resume physical activity following an injury.

We recommend the "Coming back from an injury" programme.