Clinique Cecil has been active in the fields of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery for the past quarter of a century. We have therefore established a highly specialised multidisciplinary centre, which positions us at a level of excellence and allows us to remain at the cutting edge of technology as it progresses in this complex discipline of medicine.

Thanks to Cecil Cardiovascular Centre, we are the only private hospital in the Canton of Vaud to offer the full range of adult cardiology and cardiac surgery services (with the exception of heart transplants).

The centre provides diagnostic investigations:

  • resting ECG and Holter/R Test
  • ergometry
  • cardiac ultrasound
  • stress test
  • transesophageal ultrasound
  • microbubble testing
  • cardiac scans
  • CT scanner
  • cardiac MRI 

It is active in interventional electrophysiology:

  • implantation of pacemakers
  • defibrillators and cardiac resynchronisation systems
  • study of electrophysiology  and thermal ablation
  • electrical cardioversion

As a result of the cardiology center improvement project, we now have a new infrastructure that includes :

  • A cardiac catheterization room.
  • A cardiac catheterization room dedicated to electrophysiology.
  • An interventional radiology room.

The Cecil Clinic also has a new reception area that can accommodate up to 17 patients in continuous cardiology care.

For more information, please visit the page in French.

Cardiovascular Center Cecil
Avenue Ruchonnet 53
1003 Lausanne
+41 21 310 57 18