The Medically Assisted Reproduction Centre (PMA) provides a range of techniques that aim to help reproductively challenged couples to conceive a child. Around forty employees make up our multidisciplinary team.

By consulting with the Medically Assisted Reproduction Centre (PMA), you can find answers to your fertility questions from each of us. Gynaecologists (specialised in reproductive medicine and gynaecological endocrinology) and the urologist (specialised in andrology and sexology) will help you to better understand your situation. Medical care starts with a detailed discussion and relevant examinations. A diagnosis, a prognosis of your chances of having a child and a proposed treatment are developed with you. Your doctors will tell you which path you should follow and will accompany you throughout treatment.

Biologists play an essential role in making a diagnosis and in determining the choice of treatment, in synergy with the doctors. They look after your oocytes and spermatozoa. After in vitro fertilisation, they make sure that your zygotes and embryos develop properly.

The psychosomatician or counsellor meets with couples to discuss the emotional implications of treatment and evaluate the resources that could help them if needed. They will be contactable during and after the procedure.

The nurses and medical assistants will accompany you throughout the practical application of investigations and treatment. They form the link between the different members of the team and patients.

Secretaries are responsible for administrative tasks.

The equipment required to carry out medically assisted reproduction techniques is found all in the same place. Being based in one place allows the members of the multidisciplinary team to work under excellent conditions and to exchange clinical information with each other directly. This also means that each step of tests and treatments runs as smoothly as possible.

The work of the Medically Assisted Reproduction Centre (PMA) team has helped thousands of couples to experience pregnancy and birth: Over 6,000 babies have been born to date.

You can find more information at and in the brochures (in French, English and Russian) presented below.

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