Clinique Cecil is a private hospital that welcomes more babies into the world than anywhere else in the Canton of Vaud. More than 450 bundles of joy take their first breaths here each year.

We accompany you during the preliminary stages, during birth, and help you to prepare for your return home. We also make sure to respect your birth plan and help you to be an active participant in the magnificent event that is the birth of your child. 

The entire team at the Cecil Maternity Ward looks forward to having you here!

Covid-19 restriction

During this period of health crisis, the midwives of the Cecil Clinic continue to accompany future parents and conduct birth preparation classes by videoconference.

Advice, exercises and answers to your questions will be given by one of our midwives during an individual or group appointment.

For more information and to make an appointment, please contact T 021 310 51 80.

Patients already registered for the courses will be contacted by the Cecil Maternity Hospital to inform them of the new arrangements.

Maternité Cecil
Avenue Ruchonnet 53
1003 Lausanne
F +41 21 310 52 22