For nearly a hundred years, the Clinique des Grangettes has developed in parallel with the progress of modern medicine. With its experience, it now meets the highest performance and safety requirements.

The origins of the Clinic

In 1918, the great Spanish flu epidemic raged in Geneva. Barbara Borsinger, from Baden, Germany, is moved by the plight of sick children. To treat them, she founded the Pouponnière de L'Oeuvre des Amis de l'Enfance. In 1933, she expanded her activity to adult care and moved to Chêne-Bougeries. The Clinique des Grangettes was born. The institution includes a maternity and general surgery service . It also includes a school for the training of nursing staff.

The creation of new units

From 1957 to 1978, the nuns of Menzingen took over the management of the establishment. They set up new care units, including one of the first units for premature babies, and developed the nursing school, whose reputation would go far beyond the borders of Europe. 

Constant development

In 1980, the Clinic was entrusted to a management committee composed of several personalities from Geneva. It continues to modernize and develop it through the establishment of new medical services such as orthopedics, cardiology, post-operative continuing care, as well as an emergency department. In 1987, the Clinic was transformed into a public limited company and a year later, a huge modernization was undertaken. Since then, it has never ceased to remain at the forefront, both in terms of services offered and medical equipment.