The Clinique des Grangettes is organized with an executive committee, bringing together the members of the management and whose role is essentially strategic and operational.

The Executive Committee

Stéphan Studer

Gilles Rufenacht



Emilie Cavernes

Hospital Office Manager

Nathalie Manceau

Sophie Christen-Creffield

Responsable des Flux et Performance

Dr Véronique Lambert

Dr Véronique Lambert

Responsable des Services cliniques et des Soins

Médecine interne
Adrien Jalenquest

Adrien Jalenques

Hospitality & Facility Manager

Marielle Baulet

Marielle Baulet

Directrice des soins

Alexander Gubansky

Alexander Gubansky

Responsable Finances et Controlling

Sylvie Masson

Sylvie Masson

Responsable des Unités ambulatoires

Alain Schadegg

Alain Schadegg

Business Development Manager

Gabriel Urban

Corinne Studer

Responsable Ressources Humaines

Medical advice

The Medical Council is an advisory and decision-making body. Composed of licensed doctors and the Director of the Clinic, it is responsible for giving advice on the accreditation of doctors, improving procedures and answering medical questions that may arise within the institution.

The Medical Council and its Director emphasize their duty to inform approved doctors at the Clinique des Grangettes.

An official communication on the medical actions undertaken within the Clinic is established monthly in order to promote exchanges and promote transparency.

Stéphan Studer

Gilles Rufenacht



Dr Véronique Lambert

Responsable des services cliniques et soins

Dr. Antoine Dinichert

Dr Gilles Chassot


Chirurgie viscérale
Dr. Jean-Marie Wenger

Dr. Cécile Delémont

Médecine interne

Dr Eric Gerstel

Dr. Laurent Höhn


Médecine interne

Dr Sandrine Jacob

Gynécologie et obstétrique


PD Dr. Franz Schmidlin


Dr. Jean-Marie Wenger

Dr Charles Steiner

Médecine nucléaire

Dr. Jean-Philippe Corsat

Dr. Anastase Spiliopoulos

Directeur médical

Dr Marc Saudan

Dr. Marino Delmi

Chirurgie orthopédique et traumatologique

Dr. Jean-Marie Wenger

Dr Alessandro Diana


Dr. Jean-Marie Wenger

Dr Yvan Gasche

Médecine intensive

Dr. Jérôme Goncerut

Dr Nigel Howarth


Dr. Jean-Marie Wenger

Dr. Christophe Huehn

Médecine interne générale

Dr Olivier Huber

Dr Xavier Perret


Dr. Thai Nguyen-Tang

Dr. Laurent Wälchli