Explorations to understand defecation problems

Duration of the examination: 30 minutes  

Aim: To measure the strength of the anal muscles and assess perineal sensory function  

Examination performed by a doctor specially trained in this technique, assisted by a specialised nurse, with great respect for your privacy and modesty


Anorectal manometry allows defecation problems (anal incontinence, constipation, pain) to be understood. This involves measuring the strength of the anal muscles and an assessment of perineal sensory function.

The aim of this examination is to obtain objective answers concerning anorectal function.

Preparation before the examination

An enema must be administered in advance to enable optimal analysis.

Your doctor will give you instructions regarding the enema, which you will have to follow closely.

After the examination

No particular aftercare is required after the examination. The results of the examination are sent to the doctor who referred you.

Depending on the results, proposed treatments and/or additional investigations are offered to the requesting doctor.