Visual exploration of the rectum with the help of an endoscope

30 minutes  


Rectosigmoidoscopy is a visual exploration of the rectum and sigmoid colon with the help of a flexible or rigid endoscope (tube with a camera and a light). It can be combined with an anuscopy, particularly when treating haemorrhoids.

It makes it possible to identify the origin of symptoms and take biopsies, detect the presence of polyps, pre-cancerous lesions or small tumours and treat haemorrhoids (application of a ligature).

The examination takes around 30 minutes. It is performed by a doctor specially trained in this technique, assisted by a specialised nurse, with great respect for your privacy and modesty.

Preparation before the examination

An enema is required around 2 hours before the examination.

After the examination

No particular aftercare is required after the examination. The results are sent to the doctor who refers the patient.

You can leave the practice without any particular discomfort.