Maternity ward visit

Our team of midwives would be delighted to give you a guided tour of the maternity ward. We will show you our birthing rooms and postnatal service (nursery and room).

A chance to make first contact and ask questions.

For more information: T +41 21 310 51 79

Your insurance cover

Prices with private supplementary insurance

The doctors’ fees are covered based on your supplementary insurance policy.

Prices with semi-private supplementary insurance

CHF 2,900 for an upgrade to Private category with a private room and access to all the services and advantages reserved for the Private category.

CHF 200 per night for an upgrade to a private room without the services and advantages of the Private category, if available. You will be given confirmation on your day of admission or during your stay.

If you require any information, you can contact us on +41 21 310 57 02.

Administrative documents

The hospital declares the birth of your child to the registry office within three working days after the birth.

So we can do so, we kindly ask you to provide us with the following documents:

For couples married in Switzerland 

Passports or identity cards of both parents and family certificate

For couples married abroad

Passports or identity cards of both parents, family certificate and marriage certificate

If the parents are not married 

Passports or identity cards of both parents, communication of acknowledgement of paternity, declaration of joint parental authority and declaration of the choice of the child’s name 

In the event that paternity is unknown

Mother’s identity card and civil status certificate

Depending on the family situation and the family’s information to be registered, additional documents may be requested by the civil registry office. If you require any additional information, you can contact the registry office on +41 21 557 07 07.

Your maternity ward bag

For your stay, you will need:

A nursing bra (one to two sizes bigger than your usual size)

Comfortable clothes (pyjamas, tracksuit bottoms, slippers)

For your child:

Clothes to go home in appropriate for the season (onesie, pyjamas, socks, hat as well as a snowsuit for winter)

A car seat for transport

During your stay, the hospital will provide clothes for your baby.

Once you are ready to come to the hospital, let the midwives know by calling +41 21 310 51 79. We are available 24/7.

Choice of paediatrician

During your stay in the maternity ward, your child will be examined by a paediatrician in the 24 hours following birth as well as on the day of discharge. You will have to choose which paediatrician will do this. We recommend that you choose a paediatrician located close to your home. If they are on the on-call list, they will look after your child. If not, the paediatrician who is on-call will look after them.