Cecil Obesity and Metabolism Centre guarantees you comprehensive and multidisciplinary care at every stage of your treatment. 

Treatment for obesity

The following services will be proposed to you as part of treatment for obesity:

  • Bariatric surgery: restrictive procedures (gastric band, sleeve and gastrectomy), mixed procedures (bypass and mini bypass) and malabsorptive procedures (duodenal switch), complex operations (transformation of gastric band, transformation of proximal bypass, etc.)
  • Post-operative follow-up: medical follow-up, nutritional and psycho-dietetic consultations, follow-up of physical activity
  • Corrective surgery: abdominal surgery operations, tissue repair etc. (subject to acceptance by insurance)

As part of a bariatric operation, post-operative follow-up with a mandatory duration of five years is guaranteed by a specialist in obesity surgery and other specialists involved. Weight loss management is also handled by a dietician, who puts together an effective programme to help the treatment be successful in the long term.

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