During the week, the Clinic offers sessions of four theoretical courses on pregnancy, childbirth, stay and feeding of the newborn, as well as a gymnastics class.

Theoretical information and a series of practical exercises are offered during 5 classes to help you prepare for this event. As physical exercises are given to couples, comfortable clothing is recommended for both participants.

Date and times 

Courses are given on weekdays.
Dates et horairesThe first three theory classes take place on Thursdays, with the last practical class on a Tuesday.

Thursdays: 6:30 pm to 8 pm
Tuesdays: 5:30 pm to 7 pm


Course 1 : Pregnancy
Introduction to the course, anatomy, the end of pregnancy, when to come to the clinic.

Course 2 : Childbirth
Care during childbirth, breathing, dilatation, provocation, stimulation, anesthesia, cesarean section.

Course 3 : Stay and visit
Staying in the maternity ward (mother and baby care) & visiting the clinic.

Course 4 : Feeding the newborn
Newborn feeding (breastfeeding, bottle feeding).


Course 5 : Gymnastics

  • Introductory exercises on breathing, perineum, back pain prevention postures, activation of venous and lymphatic circulation.
  • Awareness of perineal and pelvic dynamics during pregnancy and childbirth, relaxation.
  • Stretching exercises using different balls, relaxation.
  • Postures and breathing during the different phases of childbirth, massage, relaxation.


Costs may be incurred if cancellation occurs late, less than two days before the start date of the course. 

In order to be able to prepare you as well as possible for your delivery, we draw your attention to the fact that these courses are followed approximately two months before the date of the term of your pregnancy.

If you are not registered in our maternity ward for your delivery and you wish to be able to follow one of our courses, we thank you for contacting us directly in advance by phone (022 305 01 14) or by email.



5 courses 

4 theoretical classes + 1 gymnastics class

CHF 350.00
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