Cours de préparation à la naissance - weekend

The weekend formula offers couples who wish to do so, two days of sharing with other future parents on any questions or concerns around the birth.

In order to prepare yourself to live this event as well as possible, theoretical information and a set of practical exercises are proposed to you. As the physical exercises are given to couples, a comfortable outfit is recommended for both participants.


Presentation of the courses, anatomy, the end of pregnancy, when to come to the clinic.  Care during childbirth, breathing, dilation, provocation, stimulation, anesthesia, caesarean section.Childbirth, the stay in the maternity ward: care of the mother and the baby.

Visit of the clinic, feeding the newborn (breastfeeding, bottle-feeding).


Introductory exercises in breathing, perineum, postures to prevent back pain, activation of venous and lymphatic circulation. Awareness of the dynamics of the perineum and pelvis during pregnancy and childbirth, relaxation. Stretching exercises around different balls and balls, relaxation. Postures and breathing during the different phases of childbirth, massage, relaxation.


From 9 am to 4.30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, 1.30 am break for lunch.

Weekend course prices:

CHF 350.

Meals can be taken on site on Saturday and/or Sunday at a cost of CHF 25 per person.

A fee may be charged if the cancellation is made late, less than two days before the start of the course.