Paediatric pathologies have certain particularities. The presence of a dedicated institute of radiology allows these to be detected more easily.

An institute geared towards the needs of children

The institute of radiology has a medical team specialised in radio-paediatrics. It is integrated into the paediatric emergencies building. Children's anatomy changes constantly while they are growing, and misidentifying this particularity can in fact lead to an erroneous interpretation of the radio images.  This particular centre is unique in the private sector. It is composed of a complete radiology unit with a remote-controlled digitised imaging room, a bone densitometry room, an echograph and an MRI 1.5 Tesla, and a prep room for anaesthesia. The flowing and friendly architecture of the paediatric building facilitates closer collaboration with the other paediatricians and allows for better treatment of the young patients.



Institute of paediatric radiology
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 8.15 am to 5.30 pm