The cardiology centre at the Clinique des Grangettes is a leader in the study and treatment of cardio-vascular illnesses. Cardiological examinations performed at the Clinique are done using a comprehensive technical platform.

Thanks to its experience and expertise, the cardiology centre at the Clinique des Grangettes can respond globally to cardio-vascular illnesses. Following a clinical consultation and examination, the clinic's cardiologists will be ready to offer you all the care and attention necessary. Patients benefit from classic non-invasive examinations: an electrocardiogram at rest and under stress, recording of the electrocardiogram over a period of several days, recording of blood pressure over a period of twenty-four hours. 

Your heart can be visualised by echography or by more sophisticated means, like a scanner, magnetic resonance (cardiac imaging), or cardiac scintigraphy. (molecular imaging).

If the arteries of your heart are diseased, the doctors might recommend a coronarography with the possibility of angioplasty (dilatation and stent).

We are also able to treat you for constriction of the arteries, notably those in the legs (interventional angiology).If your heart's electrical system is the source of trouble, some highly specific examinations will allow us to analyse and treat certain illnesses (invasive rhythmology).

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