The paediatric surgery and traumatolgy unit takes charge of pathologies and trauma in children. Our specialised surgeons work in close collaboration with the Clinique’s emergency services.

Paediatric surgery and care for trauma

The paediatric surgeons at the Clinique des Grangettes treat a great many surgical cases affecting children from the ages of 0 to 16. Specifically, they treat congenital deformities of the urinary and digestive systems. The most common procedures are on the uro-genital system (circumcisions, hernias, cryptorchidism), skin and subcutaneous tissue (beauty marks, nodules, fistulas, cysts). Beyond that, the surgeons, in collaboration with the radiology unit, also conduct urodynamic testing and handle patients with functional urinary problems (emergencies, incontinence, frequent urinary tract infections).

These specialists work closely with the Paediatric emergency services and are reachable at all times to handle and care for paediatric surgical emergencies, notably trauma (fractures, wounds, burns) and certain infectious pathologies (appendicitis, abscesses).

The surgery is open to all children. The patient can be a referral from his or her own primary care physician or the Clinique’s own paediatric emergency service, but walk-in examinations are also possible. All examinations or outpatient surgeries are covered by basic insurance. In case of hospitalisation, a complementary insurance for semi-private or private hospitalisation will be required, except in the case of children who are Swiss social security recipients of the “Assurance Invalidité” (for birth defects, for instance).