Aesthetic plastic surgery helps patients feel more comfortable with their body by reconstructing certain functions or aesthetic features.

Two sides of the same specialisation

Plastic surgery aims to rebuild the form and even the function of damaged tissue, for example, reconstruction of a breast, an ear or a nose after removal (amputation) due to cancer or some traumatism. Techniques derived from plastic surgery can also be used on the entire body to close wounds like ulcers, lacerations following traumas, extended skin cancers.

Aesthetic surgery is an evolution of reparative surgery. It applies its techniques either to modify an unseemly shape (saddlebags, protruding ears, mammary hypotrophy, etc.), or to restore a body part that has become modified with time, like the relaxation of the abdominal wall following delivery of a baby or serious weight loss, mammary involution (ptosis and shrinking volume) following nursing, cutaneous slackening of the face or eyebrows.

Some of the interventions of the second type can be delayed by non-surgical techniques, which allows the plastic surgeon to offer a variety of treatments. The surgeon will then explain the advantages of the course of treatment, the pros and cons, and particularly the limitations, so that the patient can be in harmony with his or her body in the long term.

The Centre for Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery also offers complementary treatments that are not as invasive as conventional surgery.