Proctology, in collaboration with urology, treats pathologies of the pelvic floor. These can be disabling on a daily basis but are treated effectively at the Clinic.

Modern treatments adapted to each patient

Proctological pathologies can have multiple causes and are managed with conservative treatments or surgery. Because of a different anatomy of the pelvis, they primarily affect women. 

Constipation is one of the most common pathologies. An unbalanced diet can be the cause, but also intestinal motility problems (irritable bowel, rectocele). Some cases require surgical interventions, curative, and others rehabilitation by physiotherapy, associated with a correction of the diet, and possibly the taking of laxatives.

Fecal incontinence is often caused by trauma to the anal sphincter or local disease. Various surgical corrections are possible (sutures, muscle plasties, implantation of an artificial sphincter or neurostimulation). In the absence of damage to the sphincter, physiotherapeutic treatments are prescribed.

Surgical treatments for organ descents are also performed at the Clinic. The surgical correction then settles the perineal pathology as a whole and can be supplemented by physiotherapy.