Professeur Nicolas Theumann

Specialist in
Line of action
Interventional radiology
French, English, German


Further information

ESSR-ISS: Scientific Award Theumann NH, Pfirrmann CW, Resnick D. Carpal Ligaments: detailed MR Arthrographic appearance and observations relevant to the diagnosis of carpal instability. ISS/ESSR 2001. European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology, 8th Annual Meeting. Budapest, 6th october.

SSR: Prize of the Poster « Magna cum laude » Theumann, N. Pfirrmann, C. W. Trudell, D. J. Resnick, D.MR Imaging of the Extrinsic Ligaments of the Wrist : Normal MR Arthrographic Findings in Cadavers. SSR. SSR 2001. 88ème Congrès annuel de la Société Suisse de Radiologie. Lugano 16-19 mai. Prix du poster magna cum laude.