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With Hirslanden Préférence, semi-privately insured patients can take advantage of a wide range of additional medical, nursing, and dining services. The services are tailored to accommodate patients’ individual requests and needs. For semi-privately insured patients, the motto for medical and nursing care is “We’re here for you, personally.”

The “we” refers to all staff working in the areas of medical care, hospitality and gastronomy whose high-quality work revolves entirely around the individual needs of each patient.

The “you” refers to each and every patient, whose needs and emotions are the focal point of all services. 

The “personally” refers to the relationship between our specialised personnel and guests – a relationship characterised by numerous attractive extra services, including little extras and courtesies to make your stay at a Hirslanden hospital that much more pleasant.

Hirslanden Préférence
Boulevard Lilienthal 2
8152 Glattpark