Good health is essential for a high quality of life, consistent professional performance and a fulfilling private life. Getting check-ups can prevent some illnesses from developing.

Especially designed to fit the needs of companies, our Hirslanden Check-up Centres offer highly qualified prevention programmes with a focus on cardiovascular and internal diseases, including long-term nutrition and lifestyle advice. In the Orthopaedics & Sport department, it’s not just professional athletes who can benefit from performance diagnostics and individual performance advice from experts.

Benefits for companies:

Everything in one place: Your employees receive advice from experts in practically all medical fields and can book appointments at the same location. 

The examinations and consultations usually take place on one day. 

We also offer a personalised service at our hospitals and accompany your employees throughout their scheduled examinations. 

If patients are required to wait, a comfortable and discreet lounge with refreshments and free WiFi is available. 

Invoices are processed directly by your company. Company packages are available on request. 

Please choose the check-up center in your region. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

If you are interested, please contact our team directly.