As Switzerland’s leading healthcare provider, we are committed to acting sustainably and taking responsibility for current and future generations. Our focus is on a business strategy that includes ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria and leads to a responsible approach to our environmental, social and economic impact.

Our corporate strategy, Together we Care, is the umbrella of our sustainability strategy. In terms of sustainability, our vision is: We – for a healthy world. It underlines our comprehensive understanding of sustainability: 

  • We handle our natural resources with care and leave a minimal ecological footprint (environmental or environment).
  • We contribute to the well-being of society and strive for the optimal development of our patients and employees (social).
  • We want to be successful in business and are committed to maximum transparency (governance or ethical and legally compliant corporate management).
Claudia Hollenstein
Head of Sustainability & Health Affairs
Claudia Hollenstein-Humer
Hirslanden AG, Corporate Office
Boulevard Lilienthal 2, CH - 8152 Glattpark