Our corporate strategy «Together We Care» is positioned to enable us to create added value for both the individual and society, now and in the future. Our purpose is always to improve the quality of life of the people who entrust themselves to our care.

Our core business today: Excellent integrated care 

We are continuously evolving: from a private hospital Group focussing on specialised diagnostics and inpatient treatment to a partner for all aspects of healthcare. Irrespective of the patient’s situation in the cycle of life: he or she can bring all their health-related queries to us. We offer our patients and customers highly qualified medical care from birth to old age, from prevention to cure in both face-to-face and digital form. With our outstanding service and superior comfort, we also do everything we can to make them feel completely comfortable.

The needs of the future: Innovation to achieve even better medical services

Healthcare and its constraints never cease to evolve. Which is why today we are already thinking about tomorrow. We anticipate society’s health-related needs and assess innovations which enable us to offer even further enhancement of our medical services. Research projects and digitalisation, for example, make increasingly innovative therapies possible which we wish to offer to our patients and customers. We therefore pursue a range of projects in the fields of medical innovation, digitalisation and the development of new insurance models from which our patients and customers can benefit. 

Our Purpose

Our purpose is at the very centre of what we think and what we do. It answers the question «why» and explains what drives us onward every day:
«We improve the quality of life of the people who place themselves in our care.»

Our Vision

Our vision is designed for the long term and builds on our strengths: 
«We want to be the partner of choice that people trust with their health and well-being.»

Our Mission

Our mission defines the area in which we are active and the customer needs we want to meet. It forms the foundation for how we intend to turn our vision into reality: 
«We want to create added value every day by offering high-quality medicine and care at the best value for money as well as a unique customer experience.»

Our values

Our five values form the foundations for our conduct and conscientiousness. They reflect our corporate culture and define how we collaborate. We are aware that: people make the difference. In this case «people» means our 10 000 or more doctors, nurses, therapists as well as other staff from a total of 45 disciplines. 

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Client Centred

  • Recognise customer needs
  • Include customers in decisions that affect them
  • Actively manage the customer experience
  • Keep promises and meet expectations

Trusting and Respectful

  • Deal with others in a polite and friendly manner
  • Encourage diversity
  • Give and accept feedback
  • Respect privacy

Patient Safety Focused

  • Make patient safety the number 1 priority
  • Identify and prevent risks to patient safety
  • Involve patients in measures to improve their safety
  • Record patient information precisely and store it securely

Performance Driven

  • Set goals and measure progress
  • Implement decisions reached
  • Address challenges, complaints and inefficiency
  • Act responsibly and decisively

Team Orientated

  • Support colleagues
  • Work with others to resolve problems and enable decisions to be made
  • Promote team spirit
  • Create opportunities for all colleagues to express their views and exchange ideas